Christmas Update 2018, and Goals Moving Forward

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone well holidays for this Christmas and upcoming New Years. I look forward to holidays like these because it allows me to spend time with those I hold close and dear. About business, Native Attention continues to improve website development & management skills, utilize profits to invest in new camera equipment, and meet with potential clients. Thus, we are steadily growing, and are excited to reinvest revenue into the community.

Along with that thought, I am committing funds and time towards a developing pilot hydroponics project on the Hoopa Valley Reservation; through this project, I hope to become comfortable with hydroponics technology and grow produce to improve local food security. If the pilot project is successful, I plan on raising funds for another, larger hydroponics system in 2020.

Again, I wish everyone wonderful holidays, and I look forward to continuing to develop Native Attention and the local community.

Best regards,

Manuel J. Mattz
Native Attention LLC

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