Hoopa Tribal Police Video PSA Collaboration

I had a blast collaborating with the Hoopa Tribal Police Chief this morning to create an introductory video for their social media accounts. By moving in this direction and developing their outreach, I think it’ll create a stronger relationship between the Tribal Police Department and the community. Plus, it’s a great service to progress for Native Attention LLC, so we can begin to offer video services to other clients soon.

Additionally, the hydroponics projects that I am working on is approaching its start date; I am excited to meet with the Hoopa Tribal Council in early February 2019 and finalize lease terms for produce growing space. With this project, I am aiming to increase the amount of vegetables and culinary herbs locally, generate public relations opportunities for Native Attention LLC, and offer learning experiences for students and adults.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to writing the next Native Attention business update!

Manuel J. Mattz
Native Attention LLC

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