Website Development Focus, Hydroponics, & SEO Partnerships

Greetings, all!

As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we are making more progress with securing additional clients. I am beginning to realize that by focusing on a specific service, such as website development, we can reduce how much we overextend ourselves and increase our skills in specific areas. Thus, we are starting to target businesses in smaller towns that have outdated websites, and applying our experience to offer them more value.

In hydroponics based news: I purchased a hygrometer (pictured below), which measures humidity and temperature to great accuracy. By using this tool, I’m aiming to increasingly understand the conditions to promote lettuce germination. I’m ecstatic about this pilot project because diabetes runs in many Native American families, including my own; thus, I want to do my best to help offer nutritious foods for the Native community as soon as practically possible.

Lastly, we are currently reaching out to top performing SEO companies, in the interest of forming a partnership to offer our clients better SEO services. These collaborations look promising, and we are striving to reach a solid agreement beneficial to both parties soon. If these partnerships do not pan out, we plan to use our business network to locate an SEO company who is a great fit with us.

Until next month, many thanks for reading our company news update!

Manuel Mattz
Native Attention LLC

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